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Audit—for some, the word is enough to inspire an icy chill down the spine. But audits don’t have to be scary. If the IRS has sent you a notification of audit, it’s important to act fast. It’s time to gather the receipts, tax documents, loan records, medical records and more. You may find yourself scrambling to find all the documents you need just hoping they’re in a secure place. Leave the harried frustration behind—the right tax resolution services can make your auditing worries a thing of the past. Our tax experts at Community Tax are ready to help you prepare for your audit. Contact us today to find the preparation service for you.

Many taxpayers choose to go it alone when an audit letter comes in the mail. This can be a costly mistake. During an audit, it’s in the taxpayer’s best interest to provide a pristine file of all required documents. There’s plenty of complexity to deal with during an audit, and having a professional on your side to help you navigate the process can save you money and heartache. Our tax professionals will communicate with the auditor to make sure no problem is overlooked, and help you position yourself for success. Should the audit not go in your favor, we will prepare a plan to best resolve your tax issue.

At Anchor CPA, our certified public accountants, and practitioners, have experience performing accurate analyses of financial information to prepare you for an audit. They have the ability and experience to communicate with IRS agents to take you smoothly through your audit and address any causes for concern. We’re dedicated to resolving auditing issues quickly and efficiently, helping you, your business, or organization get back on the road to financial success.

We are committed to providing our services to those in need. Our professionals work with clients to overcome financial hardship whether it’s an audit, tax debt, a levy or a plan for a better financial future. At Anchor CPA, we tailor our services to fit your budget so that you can get out of your audit and tax issues without the burden of more debt. Let our tax experts sit down with you to answer any of your questions and formulate a plan that will help you get out and stay out of debt. Half the battle is organization, and our team of tax professionals are well-versed in the ins and outs of the government auditing process. Let us organize your tax documentation so you can face an audit with confidence.